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We are specialists in Digital Marketing for the Home Service Industry – Construction | Plumbing & HVAC | Roofing | Electrical | Landscaping and more.

Branding in New Hampshire

In a world where homeowners are always looking for home services to improve the value of their houses and the quality of their lives, your brand is what distinguishes you from other service providers.

 We offer top-of-the-class online branding services that start with creating a branding strategy to help your brand dominate your niche. From brand messaging to creating guidelines and establishing a brand voice, Home Services Design will help you with all-ensuite branding needs.

 If you are looking to be the go-to business for clients looking for what you provide, we are here to help you learn about your ideal clients, build a relationship with them and position your brand at the top of your industry.

Logo Design In New Hampshire

A staggering 75% of consumers identify their favorite brands through their logos. Your business’ logo is, therefore, key to your online and offline success. At Home Services Design, we are about helping your home improvement business become identifiable to those needing your services the most.

We assign in-house creatives to your business to help you understand your brand story and come up with a logo design that will communicate your values and mission. Just as a signature identifies an artist on their art, we ensure that your logo will help your customers remember your brand when they see it or encounter a previous improvement you’ve made.

We believe that businesses that do great work should carry that reputation with them wherever their presence may be. Our logo design services ensure that you will not have to introduce your brand each time, but its visuals will do your bidding.

Website Design & Development in New Hampshire

A fast and responsive website is key to serving your clients well and promoting your services. We are experts on matters of website design and development. We work with you to ensure that your dream website comes to life within a few weeks by walking with you through each step to ensure you are satisfied.

Our team includes experienced web developers and UI and UX designers who will ensure that it is custom-made to your needs and clients. We test and prototype the websites we build so your customers never have to find any glitches when reviewing your catalog and requesting quotations.

When you partner with us, you partner with a dedicated team that delights in your success and helps you get there by employing maximum creativity in designing your website, so it is fast, responsive, and modern.

Reputation Management In New Hampshire

With 90% of consumers doing online shopping and 94% of them reporting that negative reviews have convinced them to avoid a particular brand, managing your online reputation is vital to any business.

It is important to handle negative reviews properly and to thank all those who take the time to give you a positive review.  Our FREE reputation management tool will allow you to handle all your New Hampshire reviews from Google and Facebook in a matter of a few minutes per week, 

Social Media Marketing in New Hampshire

Social media is where it is at today. Your New Hampshire customers, potential business, growth partners, and more. If your business is not on social media, it does not exist. At Home Services Design, we are not just about your home improvement business existing only, we are about helping you create an impact in Hew Hampshire and beyond that will generate leads and enhance your brand.

We are a full-suite social media marketing service that will help you formulate a strategy, get you started on social media, and keep you ahead of your competition.

From account creation, branding, community, and account management, you can count on us to automate your business’s social media needs, so you never have to lift a finger except when improving clients’ homes.

Our service includes social media content creation and management to help your brand and its customers engage consistently. We also do influencer outreach for businesses looking to reach the next level.

Serach Engine Optimization (SEO) in New Hampshire

Up to 68% of all online experiences start with a simple search, and 68% of businesses report generating more leads from SEO and organic traffic. Simply put, your ideal customer is searching for you. Are you responding to them with your offerings?

 Your home improvement business is only as memorable as how well it can help the target customer online get answers to their questions. Search engine optimization helps your business and website become authoritative in your niche by becoming a go-to option for customers performing different home improvement searches online.

 Our SEO services encompass the four main facets of search: local SEO, off-page and on-page SEO, and technical SEO. We help you target the right keywords to improve your search rankings and overall business visibility online, ensuring that you get found by those who need you.

Pay Per Click Advertising in New Hampshire

Pay Per Click helps give your business an advantage in a sea of competition where it may be drowning in. Over the years, we’ve distinguished ourselves by managing ad budgets for our clients with maximum transparency and efficiency to improve the number of leads while reducing the cost per click.

We have expertise in online ad management on different networks where your business needs to have a presence and thrive. These include Google Ads (Search & display ads), Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, and YouTube Ads. We also help you with remarketing and retargeting on these networks.

Our online ad management services include bid management to optimize your ad budget, keyword management so you can offer answers to what your target customers are searching for, ad copy optimization, and campaign analytics to track performance and improve decision making.

Website Hosting and Management in New Hampshire

The performance of your website is only as good as the web hosting and management service behind it. Home Services Design seeks to be at the center of your business’s success with dynamic and reliable website hosting and management service that ensures optimal performance and exceptional experience for all your web visitors.

You can count on us for email, file, blog, video, and image hosting to ensure zero obstacles to your business and website performance. We employ cutting-edge technology and vigilant expertise to minimize outages and keep your business at the top of its game.

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